The Mayo River
Boiling Hole Park-And-Play

August 7, 2014
1.16 feet
This was my first time back to the Boiling Hole in almost a year.  The water was low, but the company was great and we had a lot of fun goofing around with enders, seal launches, and crashes on Dale's SUPs.  Lots of cameras were out to document the action.  Paddlers were myself, Dale, Lucas and Jack, with riverside support from Paula.  This might have also marked the last time the Fun makes it out to play.  I cracked the hell out of it on the rocks, which makes the second crack.  I might see what I can do with epoxy and duct tape to extend its life, but if this was the last ride, then she has been a good one, with many, many enders being thrown in her at this very spot. 



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