The French Broad
Section 9 - Barnard to Stackhouse
August 10, 2014- 2500-3000cfs

I wrapped up a weekend of paddling with a half run on FB9.  The level was very similar to when I paddled it last in May. And just like with the May trip, I was joined by Alison and Kit. Richard H and Chris S from the day before on the Pigeon were also on this trip. We left the campground in Hot Springs around 9:40, all dropped our boats and gear at the put-in, then drove all our cars down to Stackhouse.  Christi decided not to paddle for a third day in a row and was nice enough to drive us all back to the put-in, which left all vehicles at the bottom.   Our crew was rounded out by John C, Nathan C and Wayne C from Hickory.  We met them at the put-in at 11 and I shuttled their boats back to the top when we were finished.  I had paddled with John a few weeks prior in Kibler.  I had not paddled the French with Richard since 2008, I had paddled with Chris the day before.  It was my first time meeting Wayne and Nathan.  It was a very solid crew of kayaks, one C1 and one OC1.   This was the second day in my new Jitsu and I was starting to get a feel for how it handles.  I caught as many waves as I could, which kept me in the back of the pack and limited the number of photos I took.  I hopped into the big wave at Sandy Bottom, which at this level is pretty meaty.  She held me, pulled me back, then sent me for a big stern squirt.  Pillow went smooth for everyone, the line was identical to what we ran in May.  In May I took the creek line at Pinball, this time I went down the main section, followed by Chris.  It was fun day, a little gray and rainy, but not miserable.  Other than my rolls during playtime, I am pretty sure it was a dry hair day for all.  I think I am going to enjoy the new boat and hope to paddle with everyone in today's group again. 

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