Kibler Valley
August 30, 2014
7,500KWs  - 2.4 on the gauge

Wrapped up my most prolific month of paddling to date with my 7th day on the water.  It was also my 10th trip to Kibler this summer.  Lots to be happy about there.  Unfortunately my day was cut short when I either sprained my intercostal muscle or tore an intercostal cartilage while cart-wheeling below the cabin rapid.  I had just held a nice, longer than normal bow stall, then rotated to the stern when I heard a "pop" and felt a sharp pain in my ribs.  I pulled the skirt before the bow even hit the water.  I paddled to 7 Stitches, then hiked back up to the truck.  My paddling partners that day were Kent (who drove up from Lenoir), Brian J and Mat S and the day had been going great.  We were going at a playboating pace and having lots of fun.  They continued on and am sure had even more fun, but I drove home to some Advil, a cold beer and an ice pack.  The river was packed and before leaving the valley I got to see lots of paddling friends.  Ann rode to the top with us, plus I saw Alison, Danny, Sammy, Brooks, Cat, Dale, Joe M, Kevin N, Dan, Jack, Paula and more.  And while walking to the top, I saw our pack of open boaters playing their way downstream.

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