Wilson Creek Gorge
December 27th
Level = -7

While waiting for Justin at the put-in at 11, I met JT and Jason, both students at ASU.  They had finished their first lap and hitched a ride to the top with us.  At Little Woodall, they saw friends drive up the road and decided to wait for them.  Justin and I continued on and had a really nice first lap.  Justin, who was in his Loki, splatted and played his way down the river.  After resetting the shuttle, we started lap 2, this time with John Bayer, who we met at the put-in, joining us.  This lap went just as well as the first one, nothing of note occurred, but it was just a beautiful 64 degree day in the gorge.  It is hard to beat a day at WC with air temps that high.  I did roll once at the bottom of a small ledge, so it was not a dry hair day.  Between the Autoboof and Razorback, we ran into the splat crew of Josh Lovins, Zack Greer, Jennifer Smoat, Clay Landrum, Kelly Floyd and others.   This is the crew that Justin should have been paddling with all along, they were having a blast splatting and running rapids boatercross style.  It really made me wish that I was in one of my playboats.  We finished lap two at 2:00, Justin continued on for a third lap, I called it a day and was on the road by 2:30, then home at 4:30.  Just one more great day in the gorge.  (photos of taken of me at Razor Back are courtesy of Jennifer S)



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