Wilson Creek Gorge
January 26th
Level = -9


Most fun I have had at Wilson Creek in some time.  My old friend Kevin, who spent the past three  years in Colorado, wanted to revisit WC.  He, Dale and I spent the evening before at my cabin watching a movie about climbing at Yosemite, then dropped cars at my house, ate breakfast at Olympia and made the trek to Wilson, arriving right at 11.  The timing was perfect as Jennifer, Jevon, Zach, Josh and Lindsey were just finishing their first lap.  We loaded up the boats, including Dale's SUP, and headed to the top.  Dale was not only making his PFD at WC, but he was doing it on a stand-up board.  Crazy.  And cool.  Jennifer, Zach and Josh had inspired me the month before to bring a playboat, so I paddled my FrankenFun for the first time in the gorge.  It made the low water run so much more fun as I tried to work out splats.  I think I will always take that boat when the level is -5 from now on.  Dale crushed it on his stand-up.  He stayed on his board through 10 foot and only walked the jumble above it and Autoboof, the later because his feet were frozen.  He even rode on it down the long slide.  Kevin remembered the creek well after his 4 year absence from it and all the other guys had more fun than should be allowed on an ELF run.  For me, the boof at Boatbuster and the one at Autoboof were fun in the playboat.  I rode through Thunderhole backwards into an auto-squirt, which was fun.  The railslide was fun.  Everything went pretty easy in the playboat and I thoroughly enjoyed being back in the Fun.  The only bump was when Dale's SUP pinned at the very end of the run.  But I did get to see a z-drag in use for the first time.  Good times, blue skies, clear water.  What more could you ask for on a workday.