Foster Falls on The New River

April 12, 2015
2400cfs  - Ivanhoe gauge

I stand mistaken.  I had always said that Foster Falls is too washed out above 2000 cfs, but I found it to be a blast.  The side surfing was more intense and fun and the hole behind the big rock was a much better surf.  The bottom hole might not be as fun or as easy to get into, but lots of other spots more than make up for it.  In fact, it might have been my favorite level to date.  My pocket ender hole was kicking and I really enjoyed all the side surfs.  Or maybe it is just that the Jitsu is more fun than my old Jackson Fun at the falls.  I joined Pam and Dale who were making OC2 laps working on ferrying across pushy current.  They pointed out a beautiful bald eagle sitting beside its nest high on the bluff in a pine that stood much taller than any other tree.  I was able to settle into a side surf. lean back and watch the eagle, which was very surreal. 
Dale posted a video from the day HERE.   The photos of me below are also courtesy of Dale Briggs Footage.

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