The Mayo River
Boiling Hole Park-And-Play

June 4th, 2015
1.50 feet

Met Dale at the BH, shuttled up to the bridge, played our way down to the hole, then played there until around 8.  A little cool, air temps were mid to low 60s, but the water level was nice.  Jack, Jane and Sari came along a little later.  Jack seal launched, surfed a little, then went up stream to work with Sari, who was making her kayaking debut.  Paula and Emily watched from shore, along with Cubbie.  I definitely needed the roll practice.  I made them all, but they were not pretty.  Dale ran the boofline clean twice on his SUP.  I ran it backwards twice and hit a couple of decent enders.  Jack and Jane both had some good ones in their longer boats.  I need to remember that at the Boiling Hole, I can drive in, then lay back and let the rapid set the ender instead of charging all the way in, which just pitches the Jitsu over.  All in all it was a good night, good practice and exercise and it was fun hanging out with friends Dale and Jack. 


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