Kibler Valley
June 16, 2015
9000KWs  = 2.55 on the gauge

Hitting It Local
Rushed up to Kibler after work on a super hot Tuesday to catch the release.  I was just about to launch when Greg, Donna and Robert pulled into the parking lot.  I went down to the PowerHouse rapid and played while they were getting geared up.  When they finally came down the river, the group had expanded to include Dale, John, Joey, David, Woody and Danny. 

The water felt great, as usual, and I quickly went from being hot to being cold.  By the time we reached the cabin rapid at 7pm, I was cold enough to stop flipping on purpose.  The level was great, it was fun to paddle with friends and for the first time in awhile, I paddled all the way to the church.  The JunkYard hole is what makes that last leg worthwhile for me.  It was a good evening with great weather, water and companions.


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