Upper Nantahala
July 17, 2015
250cfs release

Two awesome laps on the upper with John and Will.  I absolutely love this run.   The first lap was dry hair, but Troll Hole gave me an upside down ride on lap two.  The Jitsu was an awesome boat for this level, it handled the holes great and was a blast to surf in.  On the first lap, during one of the continuous sections near the top, I started to feel a pain in my upper thigh.  I thought that maybe an ant was biting me, since one had gotten John while we were waiting to set shuttle.  But it kept hurting worse and worse until I finally knew it was a bee stinging me.  It took me far longer than I would have liked to find a spot to stop.  I was yelling "*@&$^%&*  BEE!!!!!"  John thought I was yelling "PEEEEE!!!!"  I finally grabbed some grass growing in the middle, pulled the skirt, reached into my shorts, grabbed the bee and threw it into the river.  I had to let go of the grass, then put the skirt back on as I bounced downstream.  Even a bee sting couldn't knock the fun level down on this river though.  John was dry on both laps, hitting PB&J hard both times, catching big air the first time.  Will only rolled once while surfing.  Good day, good lines, good water, great creek.


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