Kibler Valley
July 25, 2015
9600KWs  = 2.6 on the gauge
33rd Annual River Run

Awesome day spent playing and visiting with paddling friends, both old and new.  I had family and friends camping with me at my sister and brother-in-law's property, which only added to the day's fun.  I met Vince at the take-out at 10am with plans of being on the water by 11.  Vince and I spent time at the usual spots, taking lots of time to play as we went.  I had a weird experience while playing below Public Enemy, swimming three times!  Crazy. It is really funny how something like that can happen, just out of the blue.  I think I figured out what was happening and made sure to roll about 50 times through-out the rest of the day to get back on track.  As always, having so many new paddlers in the mix is part of what makes Race Day so fun.  The tubers were out in force and having lots of their own fun. Our little friend Ella was running a lemonade stand at our property.  Many of our SRVCC friends stopped there around the same time that Vince and I finished our first lap.  My friend Mike drove us back up to the top, where we started lap two.  John Christie arrived around the time we hit the Power House rapid and caught up to us at Public Enemy.  Dana L joined us a little further down river.  Lots more play, especially at the Cabin Rapid.  Vince had nice splats there and great stern squirts all day long.  For the 2nd half of lap two, my friend Mike joined us, paddling my Rocker.  This was his first time paddling whitewater.  He did great, even managing to push himself back up after flipping in an eddy.  During the course of the day, we were lucky enough to run into many, many paddling friends that I don't see often enough. 

At the finish line I enjoyed a loaded Ruritan hamburger, then went back to camp to tube with the kids.  We also took turns on Dale's SUP.  Our neighbors cooked a pig and were nice enough to share with us.  It was a wonderful way to cap off yet another fun River Run.  We camped that night and did not head home until late Sunday afternoon. 

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