Kibler Valley
August 15, 2015
7500KWs  2.35ft

Yet another great Saturday in Kibler.  Having camped the night before, I was at the putin and ready to go even before they turned the water on.  I played a little at PowerHouse and was at PE working on squirts when the level started to go up.  I caught a quick ride to the top with Woody, then hopped in for some more play.  Stephen and I sat at Power House until 11:45 waiting on the others to come through, but finally took off for a half lap to 7 Stitches.  We were back up to the top in time to paddle with the gang on a 2nd run.  Lots of playing, lots of carnage, Brooks held a 16 second stern squirt which was just awesome.  I pulled out at camp to sprint back to Mt Airy in time to visit friends at Round Peak.  The paddling was pretty good, I enjoyed having the bonus time before the release.  I also was happy to hit all my rolls, including some pretty tough ones, as I had been a little rusty this summer. 
Stephen's Movie - Stephen shot and edited a movie from the day.

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