Kibler Valley
September 30, 2015

Kibler High (1 minute video)

Pure, untainted, glorious perfection. Blue skies, 76 degrees, yellow leaves falling from the trees and my favorite river running at the rarest of rare levels. Kibler Valley at a little over 4 ft is just perfect. What a fun morning, how could I stay at the office and miss something like that.  After Chris confirmed that the water was within the banks, I called my main office and explained that I had a recreational emergency.  So glad that I did because it was just the sweetest level ever.  And I finally got to go OVER the big rock at Basketball Falls, twice. Much thanks to Stephen for being my running mate this AM. He nailed some great combat rolls and if he had not been game, I would not have been able to go.  We were both in playboats and it was a rocking good time.  Stephen only missed one roll, at Basketball Falls.  I told him I would get his boat, but I ended up chasing it for the next two miles.  Luckily my friends Debbie and Johnny were driving by and gave Stephen a ride down the river.  Once we wrestled his boat out of the water, they drove us back to the top.  So I was able to get almost two full runs in.  And three runs at Basketball. 

I've wanted to boof off the big rock at Basketball Falls ever since I saw water going over the top of it in 2013 when the level was 4.3ft. A log blocked the line that day. It really haunted me that I didn't try to remove the log so that I could make the boof. Today the water was at 4.1ft, which was just enough and there was not wood in play. On the first run, I caught the boof exactly the way I wanted, which checked off one more of my paddling bucket list items. To make it even more fun, Stephen and I were crossing paths on the run-up as he was fighting through an opposing diagonal line just in front of me. I missed the entire line on my 2nd run, then on this third one (seen here in the photographs), it was more of a rail slide than a boof as the water was even lower, still fun though. Glad I caught it and credit goes to Stephen for the photos. 

Below are photos from the evening before...

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