Kibler Valley
October 29, 2015
9000KWs  2.8 ft.

With the hydro-station releasing 9000KWs, daylight savings time only days away, temps in the upper 60s, leaves barely hanging onto the trees.... well, I just had to make one last "after-work mad dash" to the valley for a late evening paddle.  Stephen ran down the mountain after running the Elk, but only had time to hit the top section.  Too bad he couldn't have ran more with us and it was very nice of him to help us set a shuttle before he left. Dale and I only had enough daylight to get to my sister's place below 7 Stitches.  But we had plenty of time to play.  The valley almost glowed in a yellow/golden hue.  I took my Fun and absolutely freaking loved paddling it.  I finally had a good splat-ride around the big rock at Basketball.  I had other splats that were better than those I can get in the Jitsu.  And just above the island, in the eddy line behind the big rock, I held my longest stern squirt to date.  It is just easier in the Fun.  I love the Jitsu, but the Fun is just a little more slicey.  I enjoyed paddling with Dale and I enjoyed sharing a Dale's Pale Ale as we loaded boats and talked rivers.


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