Wilson Creek Gorge
November 15, 2015
Level = -4

Thanks to my buddy Vince for taking the photos of me below.

Ricky and I met Joe, Vince and Matt W at Wilson Creek to spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon paddling in the gorge.  we were not on the water until noon, but wrapped up our second lap by 2:30.  Along the way we hooked up with Scott, Joel and Evan who were making their PFD.  The level was great, the temps were great, the water was clear, the crew was solid.  It was a stellar day, just the kind that makes you fall in love with WC.  Matt styled the hero line at Maytag on the first lap and I joked with Joe about running it on lap two.  When we got back down to it, I decided to go for it and asked Vince to setup with a camera, because either way, it would be something to document.  I didn't hit the rock with enough angle or enough technique and did not clear the hole. I got a handful of strokes in, but couldn't keep the Rocker from backing its way back into the hole.  After an adventurous few seconds under water, I emerged to see Vince standing on shore, sending a throw rope my way.  Much appreciated.  Scott grabbed my paddle, I caught my breath, hopped back into the boat and we wrapped up lap two. 

Maybe it was the level, but my boofs at Boatbuster on both laps were the best I've ever had, they both had a nice long pause then a totally flat landing.  Conversely, I totally hosed the line up at Ten Foot on both laps. 

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