Kibler Valley
November 28, 2015
9000KWs  2.6 ft.

With temps approaching 70 and the water turned on in Kibler, I sprinted up to the valley to catch some play time before the VT vs UVA football game and a trip up the mountain with the family to get a Christmas tree.  Brooks and I spent some time playing at PowerHouse while we waited for everyone else to hit the water.  I put on a little before 11AM, I didn't see anyone else paddling downstream until at least noon.  I continued to play, then took out between Basketball and the 2nd bridge.  It was great to get to see so many friends, even if I did not get to paddle for long with any of them. 


Five days after this trip, my very, very good friend Sammy passed away.  Below are all the photos I took of him that day, which will be the last ones I ever get to take of my good buddy. 

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