Whitetop Laurel
December 4, 2015
SF Holston gauge = 1600cfs

The morning after learning that we lost my very dear paddling friend Sammy Allred, I joined friends Ricky and Kevin in Damascus, VA for a run on Whitetop Laurel.  We only made a six mile run, starting at Taylor's Valley, which I enjoyed very much.  I am usually cold, tired and just racing dark by the time I reach the take-out, but on this run I was able to fully enjoy all that stretch has to offer.  We only had one swim, a silly little one that Kevin had in a class I shallow section.  He blamed it on Sammy.  At Big Rock, I boofed the top ledge in the center and then entered the bottom rapid close to where I did in the Spring, on the right side.  The run went great.  Ricky ran it as well, following a similar line.  It was great to be outside, where Sammy loved to be, on a beautiful stretch of river with friends. 

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