Kibler Valley
December 24, 2015
9000KWs  3.0 ft.


With temps near 70 and rain hitting hard locally, I made an early morning dash to Kibler to meet Chris and Kevin.  I arrived at the hydro-station around 8:40 and noticed a lot of extra flow coming down the creek.  I decided to huck up the creek a little to see if any of it was runnable.  As it turned out, the flow was great and I was able to run about a half mile section of it that included much better rapids than I anticipated.  One was a clean 3-4 foot boof into a pool followed by an immediate roll under a log that extended across the exit.  I have been looking for a setup like that for a long time.  At 3ft, the hole at PowerHouse was perfect for surfing.  Water was pouring in from every little estuary, so the level was really fun further down stream.  We took out at the last bridge.  I then hustled back to town for a full day of Christmas festivities.  I could not have asked for a better present though than the run above the hydro station.  I later learned that in addition to the runoff, the 12" pipe was open at the dam, which contributed to the water in the creek.  This was my 19th trip to Kibler in 2015.  It was a fantastic year for local paddling.


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