April 9, 2016
1.6 feet

My friend Ricky and I left Mt Airy at 8AM, rolled into Spivey Cove Campground at 1:30, where we met up with Brandon (Mt Airy) and J.R. (Elkin).  The four of us were at the put-in for the middle by 2:30, where we hooked up with my friends John, James and Barrett, plus Ashley and Kenny, all in open boats.  And Ed from Pilot Mt in a kayak, which gave us 5 open boats and 5 kayaks.  The temps were not bad, the water was clear, albeit a little on the low side.  Brandon and J.R. were our two first timers and they thoroughly enjoyed what the middle had to offer, especially Bounce Off Boulder and Fat Man's Squeeze.  I rolled at Fat Man's, we had one swim in the group, but that was it.  At some point Ricky, Brandon, J.R. and I ended up in front of the group.  We saw the others on our way up the river and set some quick logistics for the next day.  I have wanted to run the bottom 25 feet of Bald River Falls ever since my first trip to the Tellico and since we were camping upstream and it was only 5:30, we made a quick stop for me to knock that out. 
My friend Allison fell in behind us on our way into camp, which was good timing since she was then able to setup camp with the four of us that were staying at Spivey Cove.  I fired up the grill, Ricky got a fire going and it was time to relax. 



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