April 10, 2016
1.6 feet

I woke Saturday morning early and went for a nice 2 mile run along River Road.  The wind started picking up once I got back, so I started a fire before getting the food out for breakfast.  Allison enjoyed the camping, but decided to head home rather than paddle.  Rick and I enjoyed a great breakfast of sausage and eggs before meeting everyone at the middle put-in to sort our our plans.  James and Ed opted to run the middle, the rest went to the top.  We had four kayaks and four canoes.  I love the ledges, with all the horizon lines, Jared's Knee and Baby Falls.  The run went smooth and fairly uneventful, except for a couple of OBEs from the open boaters.  Kenny had paddled the Telli a lot this Spring, so he was able to provide our first timers with excellent lines.  The boof at the big ledge was a lot of fun and I hit a couple of boofs in Jared's that I enjoyed.  Baby was a hoot as always and I could sit below Diaper Wiper looking at that upstream view all day.  At Bald River Falls, a bat kept flying around Ricky's boat, which was pretty funny.  At the start of the middle, Ricky, Brandon, J.R. and I decided to keep trucking since it was a little cold outside of our boats.  We took out one mile downstream, below Bounce Of Boulder at the Turkey Cock Creek bridge.  We stopped at the falls on our way back to camp so that Brandon, JR and I could make two more runs on the falls.  Kenny was nice enough to snap photos.  Video
We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the sunshine at camp. Rick and I joined the rest of the boaters at Charbones for BBQ in Tellico Plains that evening, then on our way back up the river, spotted an American Bald Eagle on the river, just upstream from Baby Falls.  It was the 4th time I have seen a bald eagle in the wild, but was definitely the closest I have been to one. 



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