Kibler Valley
June , 2016
9600KWs  2.62 ft.

It was warm, but not hot enough for the typical release.  Apparently it was hot enough in Ohio to inspire Danville to sell a little electricity.  The level was great, although it did take at least one mysterious plunge.  I took a break from playing at PowerHouse to get something from my truck.  On the way, I saw a cable hanging low across the road, only a few feet from the ground and blocking the driveway.  I jogged up to the hydro-station to let them know.  When we got back to it, we discovered that someone had maliciously tied it to a tree on the river side of the drive.  When I got back to my boat, the rock at Powerhouse was completely exposed.  I was trying to decide whether to haul my boat further downstream or to try and ride the remaining water when I noticed it climbing back up.  Within minutes it was back up to the 9600KW level.  I played there, splatted rocks below it, splatted trees, caught enders and stern squirts at Public Enemy, then had a blast splatting the big rock at Basketball Falls.  While playing there, Stephen caught up with me to make his second lap of the day, this time in his creeker with hand  paddles.  It was not much longer until I was starting to get tired, but I still found enough energy for a little more play.  We took out at Albert's where I had stashed a pair of running shoes.  I made the two mile run back to the top, then headed back to town.  It was a great evening with a little rain and lots of steam and fog.  The only negative was  that Stephen's boat cracked in two places. 

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