Kibler Valley
July 16, 2016
7500KWs  2.55 ft.

A little bump of natural, plus a bump from the dam, brought the 7500KW release up to 2.55ft.  I saw lots of folks on and off the river as I drove to the top and paddled in and out of a group that included David F, Daniel and Lynn.  At the 2nd bridge, I took off and caught a ride back to the top with my friend Chris.  This allowed me to make a 2nd lap with by friend Brentley from Charlotte and his buddy Kenny.  The sun popped out and it was a fantastic day on the river.  On the first lap I held my longest stern squirt to date (not on camera of course) and thoroughly enjoyed playing my way down the river.  The second lap was equally as fun, although I did manage to get banged up a bit chasing my paddle down the river.  I was rolling following a stern squirt when my paddle blade temporarily wedged between two rocks.  Since this is the exact same spot that I broke my first paddle years ago, I quickly let go of it and exited the boat.  The paddle was already free and floating down the river, so I gave chase by laying on top of my now-full-of-water Fun and trying to swim/run through the rapid.  After slamming my knees into the first 50 or so rocks, I decided to take a better approach and ran along the river bank until I passed the paddle, then walked out to grab it.  At my sister's place, my friend Alison gave us a ride to the top, plus fresh watermelon.  Fantastic day. 


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