Kibler Valley
July 30, 2016
7500KWs  2.55 ft.

34th Annual Kibler Valley River Run
Getting Ready To Get Down

I cannot say enough good things about the Kibler Valley River Run. Everybody on the river is writing their own story. And on race day, you cannot beat the pure spectacle, chaos and carnage created by all those overlapping comedies, dramas, horror, love and sports stories. I grew up tubing in the valley and, God Bless Them, the tubers might be my favorite part. After flipping in the Basketball Rapid, one fun loving guy emerged from the water with a line that should be on next year's t-shirt. "Third year in a row I've lost a flip flop!" I setup a GoPro at the Basketball rock and it could have doubled as a wildlife camera. So fun, I could not have been enjoying the river and the company any more, right up until the downpour hit. Normally that would have only added to the charm, but I had left my tent flaps open, which had me paddling at a race pace to try and salvage as much as I could before my bed floated away. I then had the pleasure and joy of taking a couple of my non-paddling friends down the river, which was just as fun. And even after taking that long break in the middle, I still was not able to make a slower lap than my good friend Vince Davis, who knows better than most how to get your money's worth out of a single lap in the valley. Good times. I am already hoping that things work out for yet another race hosted by the fabulous Red Bank Ruritans.  I put together the following movie that has footage/cameos by twenty of my paddling buddies. Getting Ready To Get Down


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