Wilson Creek Gorge
January 2, 2017
Level = -12

With a day off from work, my buddy Vince and I decided to roll the dice by driving to Wilson Creek, hoping to catch a bubble of water.  Unfortunately the water was not there.  I've paddled WC at some pretty low levels, but this was the lowest yet.  The company and the scenery were superb though and it was great to get out after the longest drought of my paddling career.  Mark Nadal and Mary Grace rode with Vince and met me at the take-out at 11ish.  Joe was not able to get away and is still leery of low water WC runs after dislocating his shoulder twice there, but he did send me a hilarious drawing that morning when I told him I was taking my old, broken Jackson Fun.  Even though I was in the playboat, I limited my play due to being too chicken to get wet. 

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