Whitetop Laurel
April 1, 2017
SF Holston gauge = 1600cfs  (.6 on the bridge gauge)

We met at 10:00am at the take-out.  With just three of us in the group, we flew down the river.  I had my best line yet at the Slot.  I ran the drop above it clean, which had me paddling with confidence on my approach to the Slot.  After all the bad lines I've taken there, I was due a good one.  For the first time ever, I ran Big Rock on the fly without getting out to scout it.  That drop was smooth as well.  I did have one roll in a jumble section when I broached on a rock.  Vince and Kevin paddled great as usual and it was a pretty uneventful, but super fun day.  I was back home by 5pm.


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