April 13, 2017
1.5 feet
Joe and I met in Hickory at noon and made it to the Tellico by 4pm.  We spotted John H, John K, a third John from PA, Bill H, James, GK, Donna, Greg and Ed on the river.  We hustled upstream to the middle putin and shoved off.  We caught up to the rest of the gang about halfway through the run.  The sun was out and both the air and the water were warm.  Near the end of the run I made a far right boof into a hole and was back flipped.  I swam after banging around for awhile upside down and was shocked to find that I wasn't cold at all, as I was wearing shorts.  I got redemption on day two when I purposefully took the same line, flipped again, but made my roll.  Joe and I followed John and James to our campsite at North River, which was 6 miles off the main road and nestled perfectly beside the creek.  I cracked out the things I had brought from our Mexican bakery, while Joe warmed up the sweet potato and bean chili that he had brought.  The chili was awesome.  I discovered that my air mattress went flat every two hours, so it wasn't the best night's sleep, but it was great to be camping in the woods. 



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