April 14, 2017
1.45 feet
I woke Saturday to find John grilling eggs and sausage.  The four of us left to make some pit stops with plans to meet at the middle put-in at 10am to set shuttle for the upper.  I had to blast into town to fill up with gas because I was running on fumes.  We made it back to the put-in and Ed was nice enough to drive my truck back down to the bottom takeout.  The upper section was awesome.  The crew consisted of myself, Joe, John, James, Bill and GK.  As we approached the 2nd ledge I spotted two bald eagles soaring overhead.  The sky was blue, the water clear and I loved every minute of it.  I was a little worried about paddling my Jitsu on the ledges, but it handled great.  Baby falls went well, everyone had good lines.    At Jared's Knee Bill's paddle broke just before the double boof section.  We took that opportunity to map out the rest of the rapid.  After putting back in, John and I met on far river right and were waiting for Joe.  Joe was focused on reading the rapid though and did not see where we were parked.  Just before hitting the bottom rapids, he spun into a mid-stream eddy.  I took off since I had a good vision of the line, made the drops then turned around to see Joe doing the same.  At the middle we met up with the rest of the crew, which included Bev, Rian C, J King, Bill and James.  The level was a little lower on day two, but the day was still enjoyable.  The weather took a turn though, with rain falling at the end of the run.  We put on dry clothes and all headed into town for dinner at the TelliCafe.  I had stuffed trout and the Xanga dessert, which was cheesecake, wrapped in a pastry, deep fried and served with ice cream.  Pretty yummy.  Afterwards I walked around outside while catching up with news from back home.  The sun was back out, so Joe and I stopped to hike up Bald River, which was fantastic.  Then back at camp we sat around the campfire telling tales and playing guitar till bedtime. Because of my issues with the air mattress, I slept under the full moon in my hammock, which was awesome. 



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