April 15, 2017
1.35 feet
After much debate, we decided to stay for a third day on the Tellico, rather than drive to the Nolichucky.  As a bonus, our friends Kevin and Pete both drove up overnight and met us at the upper put-in at 10am.  The weather was warm and the upper was again a blast.  Our crew was Kevin, Pete, John, James, GK, Bill, Joe and myself.  Baby falls brought a little excitement as GK went over backwards and Joe hit some sort of airscrew.  My line went great, so I went back up with Pete to run it again.  The last trip over, the 3rd of the weekend, might have been one of my best yet as the Jitsu landed with a nice crushing boof.  Jared's Knee had all sorts of problems as lines were drying up as the level dropped.  GK and I both parked our boats on a dry rock at the bottom drop.  We dropped Bill and GK at the middle put-in as they were waiting for the rest of that crew.  Then John, Joe and I took off at Turkey Creek while the rest continued on.  And I believe that Pete later came back up to run Bald River Falls.  We were off the river and on the road in time to be home by 6pm.  It was a great weekend spent in the company of friends on a favorite river.



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