Kibler Valley
April 24, 2017

With natural flow spilling over the dam, Stephen and I hucked our boats upstream from the hydrostation.  My favorite rapid had new wood in it, but I was able to run the one upstream from it for the first time.   I had not been in my Jackson Fun in awhile and should have known better than to paddle into a new rapid without any kind of warm up.  I flipped early, then had to ride through the entire rapid upside down.  I paid the price with skin off my right hand.  Not wanting to let it whip me, I hucked back up and ran it again.  The rapid is pretty manky and I was not able to hit the line I wanted due to rocks, but I found my way to the bottom, riding a deep brace the whole way.  From there Stephen and I boogied through the rest of the upper run, which was a blast.  We ran to Albert's and found the 3 ft level just as good as I remembered.  Fun waves and holes with continuous boogie water.  I made the run on what amounted to an extended lunch break, so I had to throw the boat back on the truck and zip back to the office.  Great way to spend a Monday lunch break. 

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