My name is Delane Heath and I live in Mount Airy, NC.  In my youth, I paddled canoes, but started kayaking in 2004.   After putting two cracks in my beloved '08 Jackson Fun, I recently made the switch to a Dagger Jitsu 5.9.  My creeker is an '06 Jackson Rocker.    I'm a member of the Smith River Valley Canoe Club and always look forward to paddling with friends from that group.  My local run in Kibler Valley is dam released and sits twenty minutes from my house.  My favorite runs are Wilson Creek, Watauga, the Tellico, Whitetop Laurel, the Upper Nantahala and Big Laurel (all creeks).  But I also love to play, usually nearby in Kibler, on the Ararat, at Foster Falls on the New or at the Boiling Hole on the Mayo.  My favorite surf waves are Hell Hole on the Ocoee, Bartlick Dam and Ratliff Hole on the Russell Fork.  I had fun last year on SuperGlue on the Pigeon and on Whirlpool on the Nantahala.  My favorite weekend trip is to the Russell Fork, the camping there is just perfect.  I also take my boat with me to the beach and have even paddled with humpback whales in Nags Head.  With two active sons and a busy family life, I don't get to stray from the local rivers often, but have a long list of rivers here in the Southeast that I hope to get to one day.   

Please feel free to send me an email at this address.



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