The Dan River
Snow Creek to Hemlock
July 23, 2017
Ben and I joined Joe, Disa, Joandra, Leigh, Nate, Barrett, Eric, Judy and Steve for a float from Snow Creek to Hemlock.  By meeting at 9am, we were able to ride the bubble of water generated by the previous day's release in Kibler.  This was my first time on this section.  Ben and I really enjoyed the first few miles, but it flattened out a little too much for the last few miles.  Still, it was a fun day on the river with breaks to swim and play. 

Tuckasegee River
July 15, 2017
The Heaths, Fortins, Walks and Vince. Another fun day on the Tuck.  Ben crushed it in the Sidekick.  We missed John this year, but were pleased that Vince was able to join us.


Kibler Valley
July 12, 2017
9000KWs  2.6ft

Kibler Valley
July 8, 2017
7500KWs  2.5ft

If I were to hand pick a team of white water paddlers to hang out with, the guys in this photo would definitely make the cut. I had a great time boofing, splatting, squirting and catching eddies in Kibler Valley with Vince, Kevin and Will today.



Kibler Valley
July 1st, 2017
7500KWs + 12" valve = 2.65ft

Fantastic day. It started with a bike ride, followed by three laps in Kibler with more old friends than I could count, then Amy, Ben, River and I cooked out by the river and picked raspberries. The final piece was the homemade cobbler that Amy made when we got home. And now I am whipped!

I met my cycling buddy Jim at 10:30 in the valley.  We started with a quick warm-up lap right at 11 when the gates opened.  The warm-up was only from Basketball to my sister's spot on the river.  We then dropped a vehicle at Albert's and went to the top to meet up with other paddlers. I saw tons of old friends and got to paddle with many of them.  Jim and I paddled in and out of various groups on our run down to Albert's.  From there, we set shuttle and ran one more half lap from the top to my sister's.  Jim did great on his first time paddling whitewater in 4 years. 




My name is Delane Heath and you can contact me here


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