The French Broad
Section 9 - Barnard to Stackhouse

May 16, 2014- 3200cfs
Joe, Allison, Kit, Lucas, Barrett and I made a half run on our way out of town.  I really liked the level, lots of play spots along the way.  I tried to play all I could and flipped around plenty.  S-Turn went smoothly for everyone.  At Pillow I ran a nice safe line.  Everyone else was paddling great.  The day was simply gorgeous.  I kept going back into surf the wave at Sandy Bottom until I finally swam out of it.  And a long swim it was at that.  After that, I played it a little more cautiously, plus the grip on my borrowed paddle had peeled the skin off the insides of my thumbs.  So when I got to pinball, I hit the creek line.  What a great day.  Great crew.  Great ending to a nice weekend.


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