Between Swims Productions presents

WTL 1 min Feb 2017 beautiful day in Damascus
MMRT 2017 4 min Jan 2017 Mighty Mayo River Trip
Bartlick Bull 1 min Oct 2016 Delane and Kevin on the Barlick Bull
Getting Ready To Get Down 6 min July 2016 2016 Kibler Valley River Run
Never Get Old 4 min July 2016 clips from Kibler - Summer 2016
Bald River Falls/Tellico 3 min April 2016 running the bottom 25 feet of Bald River Falls, plus Baby and the ledges
Baby Falls 1 min Feb 2016 one quick run over Baby Falls
Kibler High 1 min Sep 2015 high water run in Kibler
Fall Creek 1 min Sep 2015 Fall Creek Foolishness
End of Summer 3 min Sep 2015 clips from a month of Kibler runs
Bare Hand Roll 1 min Sep 2015 bare hand roll in the pool
Stephen's Movie 4 min Aug 2015 Stephen's video from Kibler, includes Brookes and I playing.
Atlantic Beach 1 min Aug 2015 surfing early in the morning
Kibler Play 1 min Aug 2015 Kibler Valley
Hitting It Local 3 min Jun 2015 Kibler Valley and the Boiling Hole
Power House 1 min Apr 2015 Kibler Valley
Boiling Hole 1 min Apr 2015 solo park-n-play
Foster Falls 5 min Apr 2015 video posted by Dale Briggs Footage
Round and Round 1 min Feb 2015 Roll practice
SUP-SPLAT-SPIN 1 min Jan 2015 Low water Wilson Creek fun
Roll Practice 1 min Jan 2015 Roll practice
Surfing Bartlick 1 min Oct 2014 Sitting in the pocket at Bartlick Dam
Riverside 1 min Aug 2014 short day in Kibler
Oceana 2014 1 min Aug 2014 kayak surfing next to Oceana pier
4 River Smash Up 4 min Aug 2014 Pigeon, French, Kibler and Ararat
River Run 2014 3 min July 2014 Kibler Valley River Run
Closer to the Heart 1min July 2014 Kibler Valley
Lower Kibler 1min July 2014 paddling with the kids
Nanty Rock 4min Jun 2014 Nantahala with SRVCC
 Virginia, Virginia 2min Jun 2014 Beating the heat in Kibler Valley, Virginia
Tuck/Deep Creek 2min Jun 2014 Jumping, tubing, paddling with family and friends
Broken Paddle Roll 1min May 2014 Big Laurel, right blade came off, had to flip it around to roll onside
Hell Hole 1min May 2014 Park and Play
Beaverdam 9 min Dec 2013 Beaverdam at high water
Mo Fun 3 min Nov 2013 clips from the summer and fall
Atlantic Beach 2 min Aug 2013 surfing on both sides of Oceana Pier
Boy Scouts 5 min July 2013 A scout trip down the Ararat River
Ah'Natural Deux 3 min July 2013 Another natural flow day in Kibler
Ah'Natural 5 min July 2013 2 high water, natural flow laps at Kibler Valley
Upper Nanty 10 min Jun 2013 Fun, Fun and Fun
USNWC 3 min Jun 2013 4 laps in the ditch
Ararat Cartwheels 2 min Jun 2013 cartwheels on the Ararat
BrickHouse 2 min Jun 2013 cartwheels on the Ararat
WC Getaway 3 min May 2013 2 laps with Joe and John K
Wilson Creek POV 2 min Apr 2013 a quick blast of the main drops
Ararat Blues 55 sec Apr 2013 more park n play on the Ararat while Ben practices soccer
Soccer Practice 30 sec Apr 2013 park n play on the Ararat while Ben practices soccer
Boiling Hole 3 min Mar 2013 park and play with John H
Plowing Enders 20 sec Mar 2013 plowing enders in the pool at RCC
Wilson Creek - Dec 2012 1 min Dec 2012 a few clips from the last run of 2012
Oct in Kibler 1 min Oct 2012  
Kibler - Sept Play 1 min Sep 2012 getting vertical in the top mile before the SRVCC picnic
Flatwater Fun 2 min Jul 2012 messing around on flat water in the Fun
Kibler - 2 Days of Play 2 min Jul 2012 video from two great days of playboating in Kibler Valley
Summer Creeking 2 min Jul 2012 Wilson in July
Back Deck Rolls 2 min Jul 2012 practicing rolls in Kibler Valley
Kibler Park and Play 2 min Jun 2012 Public Enemy and Basketball Falls
Tellico WOR 2012 3 min Jun 2012 ELF run on the Tellico with SRVCC
Junkyard and Basketball 1 min Jun 2012 park and play in Kibler Valley
Foster Falls - Father's Day 1 min Jun 2012 park and play at Foster Falls
Tellico - Easter 2012 3 min Apr 2012 2 days on the Tellico with SRVCC
Wilson Creek - Low Flow 2 min Nov 2011 Joe, Vince and I making a low flow run in the gorge
Foster Falls Park and Play 2 min Aug 2011 Park and Play after work on the New
B'Day Park and Play 3 min July 2011 Park and Play on my birthday at the Boiling Hole
Cool Day In Kibler 3 min July 2011 3 minute youtube video from an awesome day in the valley
El Kiblero 2011 3 min July 2011 3 minute youtube video from a Tuesday afternoon spent paddling in Kibler
Lang and I running Baby Falls 14MBs June 2010 My 3rd trip down the falls and Lang's 1st - 1.2ft
Plugging The Slot 2MBs Mar 2010 My first time through the slot on Whitetop Laurel - 1600cfs
Lovill Creek 10MBs Mar 2010 High water local park-n-play
Evolution 96MBs Aug04-Dec10 1st place Smith Film Fest - A 'from then to now' retrospective of paddling the Dan River
Distortion 15MBs Nov09-Jun10 Kibler, Triple Drop, Boiling Hole, Sandy Bottom and the NOC Wave
Kibler To Coast 22MBs July09 Clips from 2009
Easter 2009 11MBs Apr09 SRVCC' on the Tellico (footage courtesy of Tommy)
SRVCC Roll Session 22MBs Jan09 Sammy's footage from SRVCC's weekly roll practice
Russell Fork 2008 29MBs Oct 08 Clips from three days on the upper fork
Smith River 2008 17MBs Sep 08 Clips courtesy of Trent F - Philpott to Bassett
Kibler 2008 20MBs Summer 08 Clips from multiple runs through Kibler Valley
FB9 2008 56MBs Apr 2008 SRVCC's annual French Broad trip
OuttaSite 14MBs Spring 08 A handful of clips from the first four months of 08.
Rolling 2008 17MBs Feb 2008 kayak roll practice
Mayo 9MBs Feb 2008 SRVCC on the Mayo
SRVCC at Jessups Mill 18MB Dec 2007 SRVCC on the Jessups Mill section of the Dan River
Big Creek 39MB Oct 2007 Creek Paddling in Stokes County
Hold The Mayo 13MB Oct 2007 Park and Play with SRVCC
The Funky Side 13MB Aug 2007 SRVCC at the USNWC in Charlotte, NC
El Kiblero 10MB Jul 2007 SRVCC at 25th Annual Kibler Valley River Run
Pressure Drop 10MB Jun 2007 SRVCC in Kibler Valley
Kayakers Ledge 3.3MB Apr 2007 SRVCC running kayakers ledge on the French Broad
Fun In Kibler Valley 6MB Sep 2006 Delane jumping, sliding, rolling and just having fun
TPA Surfing 4MB Jul 2006 Kibler Valley, Ron, myself, Mick and Don surfing (footage courtesy of Mick)
SRVCC 7.3MB Jul 2006 Kibler Valley, Smith River Valley Canoe Club
Coiled Cobra 2.3MB Feb 2005 Kibler to Jessup's including Coiled Cobra - in a rec boat
New Years Eve 4.8MB Dec 2004 running Kibler Valley in our rec boats on New Years Eve
The Dan 5.4MB Nov 2004 Big Creek to DRC - rec boat paddling
Paddle on the Dan 4.5MB Oct 2004 704 bridge to DRC - rec boat paddling

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