New River
September 12, 2015.
New River State Park's 221 Access to RiverCamp USA, Piney Creek

Ben and I went on a kayaking trip with Troop 596 in Piney Creek, NC.  The level was low and slow, which made for some tough sledding for Ben in his whitewater boat.  He managed to finish the 5 hour paddle, but between dragging across the river bed and the flat water sections, he was seriously craving some rapids.  There was only one rapid of note, it was on the left side of a small island.  We all enjoyed running it, Ben paddled through the wave trains with gusto, then as I was catching some enders and stern squirts, we saw a bald eagle fly overhead, carrying a fish.  Another bird attached it, the eagle dropped the fish into the pool below us, then continued to circle overhead.  It was a remarkable moment in an otherwise unremarkable stretch of river.  The scouts all had fun on their sit-on-tops though, as they were much more suited for downriver, flatwater paddling. 

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