December 23, 2010.

I parked at the Marrowbone access point around noon and carried my boat and gear up to Eggleston Falls.  After wrestling with my PFD for about ten minutes (I think I ate more over the holidays than I thought) and trying to remember how to put on all the Winter stuff, I spent about 30 minutes playing in the falls, having a blast.  The top feature was at a nice level for easy enders.  I took a break and ate lunch on one of the big rocks, soaking in the view, then played for about 30 more minutes before heading down stream to see who had showed up for the trip down the Smith.  We had 14 boaters, which was a pretty big crowd considering the temps and water level.  Pretty sure the main reason was that our long lost paddling friends John and Crystal were in town with their boats. John's boat was locked on his roof rack and the key wasn't on hand, so his paddling prospects were looking grim, until Randy saved the day with his bolt cutter.  Thanks Trent for finding the water and for posting the trip.  We had Ann, Trent, Connie, Bob and James in open boats.  And John, Crystal, Bob, myself, Randy, Jacob, Tommy, Pam and Curt from Creek Freaks in kayaks.  We saw a bald eagle, I think.  I have a hard time differentiating between osprey and bald eagles from a far, but the general consensus was that it was an eagle, so I'll go with that.  That would be only the second time I've seen an eagle, very cool.  We also paddled past some very slow moving ducks.  For those familiar with the "This is BIG Andy, real BIG" episode on The Andy Griffith Show, had my kids seen them, they would have said "decoys.  SHAZAM!"    It was great seeing everyone and I enjoyed being back on the river.  I got a little chilly by the end of the trip, but rolled just for the heck of it since it had been so long since my last outing.  That was nothing compared to Bob though who took a Nestea plunge at the take-out, which was probably the highlight of the trip.  With the sun setting and the temps near freezing, he popped back out of the water laughing hard.  So it was a good day, great seeing everyone and fantastic being back on the river after such a long dry spell.

September 14, 2008
Smith River 2008 (clips courtesy of Trent F) 17MBs

Jackson and Emma Emma's first canoe ride Brian photographing paddlers Watching a passing train

Amy, Jackson Emma and I joined the Smith River Valley Canoe Club for a fun Sunday afternoon paddle on the cold waters of the Smith River, from Philpott Dam to the North Bassett access ramp.  Ben said that riding in a canoe was too boring, so he opted for time with his Papa instead.  The paddle took approximately two hours and went smoothly.  I was a little worried about making our first canoe outing in over a year on a new stretch of water and, for the first time, with one of our dogs.  But except for the knot on the back of Amy's head from Jackson's paddle blade, the trip was smooth and bump free.  Amy is a natural paddler and liked the sections where she got to paddle without having to pause or wait.    Jackson did well with his time in the bow also.  In the end, I'd say Emma was neutral on the whole experience, but she certainly was tired by the time we got home.  It was a nice, large crowd of paddlers on the river and we enjoyed the company, the scenery, the water and the weather. 

April 18, 2008
Level = 450cfs

I met Kevin, Grant and John at Eggleston Falls for some park and play action.  It was eighty degrees and awesome to shed the drytops and neoprene for a change.  Really nice evening with lots of play and a few seal launches. 

August 29th and 30th, 2007
Click here for a short clip from Eggleston Falls near the Marrowbone access point at 920cfs.

I walked up to Eggleston Falls from the Marrowbone access point during lunch on the 29th for some 920cfs park and play fun.  I caught it again on the 30th at 500cfs.  The play was actually better at 500cfs because I wasn't washed out as often. 



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