SRVCC Weekend of Rivers
Bryson City, NC
June 21-23, 2013
Deep Creek Tubing Center and Campground (Site #43)

Saturday was one of the best paddling days I have had.  The Tuck turned out to be way more fun than I expected.  I saw more of my 13 year oldís braces than I have since he got them 6 months ago because he smiled so much.  He and his friend worked their tails off to drag their duckie back upstream at the lunch stop so that they could run the rapid again.  You donít work that hard to do something that isnít really fun. Ben was happy that I let him paddle my kayak for the last stretch of the trip and I think that Amy had a good time. I was also happy to get to see a lot of new and old friends on the river.  Thanks John for setting that trip up and for taking care of my wife and kids until I was able to catch up to them on the river.  I asked them all on the way home what their favorite part of the weekend was and all four answered ďthe duckies.Ē  So that will definitely be on our to-do-list again next year.   

I have decided that I like my Class IVs to be drop pool and my Class IIIs to be continuous.  And oh brother was the Upper Nantahala continuous.  I came home and looked up the word in the dictionary and there was a picture of the upper nanty right beside of it.  Take the run and how non-stop fun it was, the fact that it was a pfd, the fact that I was in my playboat, the fact that I didnít know a single thing about it, the fact that I was paddling with a great crew that all happened to have good dry hair runs and, well, it was just over the top awesome.  I thought I would be bummed because I missed the Tellico trip, but instead I found a creek I like even better, which is saying a lot.  I think that if I analyzed my GoPro footage, I probably whooped and yelled at least twice as much as I normally do.  So once again, thanks go to John for setting that one up.   

We topped the day off with some good Mexican food followed by símores at the campground, and a few of the Fortinsí chocolate chip cookies.  I fell asleep with a smile and slept like a baby.

 The level at Deep Creek gave us the best tubing I have seen in the five years I have been going there.  We made runs on both Friday (video here)and Sunday.  It was great seeing everyone laughing and having fun.  Sunday was really nice because, as with Friday, there was more water than during past years, but unlike Friday, the sun was out so we were much warmer.  We even spent time swimming and jumping into holes.  Jackson and his buddy stopped at the riverside grill and ate cheeseburgers and soft pretzels.  We packed up, fed the goats one more time and hit the road, stopping in Black Mountain for some great food at Philís BBQ and even got in 9 holes of miniature golf.  Pretty great last two days of the trip for me and my gang. 

Upper Nantahala
June 22, 2013
250cfs release
Video here

Tuckasegee River
June 22, 2013

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