Tuckasegee River
July 15, 2017
The Heaths, Fortins, Walks and Vince. Another fun day on the Tuck.  Ben crushed it in the Sidekick.  We missed John this year, but were pleased that Vince was able to join us.


June 18, 2016
The Heaths, Halls, Fortins, Walks, Murphies and my buddy Will all had a great day on the river.  Ben aced his 2nd trip on the Tuck in his SideKick.  He had a lot of fun and was the first person to the takeout. 

July 18, 2015.
Killer time on the Tuck this year.  This time it was the Heaths, Fortins and the Walks.  Ben paddled his kayak, which made this his biggest run to date.  Jackson and Amy paddled solo duckies.  Jackson paddled his duckie in every way possible, including upside down, before he finally gave it up altogether, choosing to swim the last 3/4 mile.  Ben aced his run.  He had one quick swim at the slide rapid.  Curt skirted the hole to the right, Sharon to the left, then Ben decided to hit it dead on.  The swim was a good experience though and something he had to deal with sooner or later.  We spent a lot of time there playing, then later jumping off the jump rock.  It was a beautiful blue sky day and just a wonderful time on the water. 


June 8, 2014.
Our second year for my family on the Tuckasegee.  Amy and Ben again shared a Duckie, although Ben spent more time in my kayak than anywhere else.  Jackson paddled a duckie with his friend Jack.  And we were joined by our friends from SRVCC.  Perfect day on the water.

June 22, 2013

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